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About Dr. Kamrava – Pilonidal Specialist

Board-certified pilonidal specialist, Dr. Kamrava is a general and colorectal physician who uses advanced techniques to treat numerous colorectal illnesses. Dr. Kamrava’s medical expertise primarily involves the treatment of pilonidal disease, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and several other complex colorectal conditions. The pilonidal treatment Los Angeles provider, Dr. Kamrava is an advanced practitioner in the pilonidal discipline and his specialties include surgeries and other treatments to cure this disease.

Dr. Kamrava is a highly decorated pilonidal specialist.

Dr. Kamrava is a board-certified surgeon who received a Bachelor’s degree at the University of California Los Angeles in Neuroscience, then proceeded to earn a graduate degree at The Fox School. To finish off his general surgeon residency, he completed his training at Los Angeles’ Kaiser Permanente Hospital and specialized in colorectal operations at Pennsylvania University. With his advanced degrees and education, Dr. Kamrava has excelled in his specialization of the pilonidal treatment.

As a pilonidal specialist, Dr. Kamrava strives to help his patients’ general health and well-being. With his specialization in colorectal operations and pilonidal treatment, Dr. Kamrava can help greatly improve the overall health of his patients. In addition, his multiple degrees allow him to offer progressive solutions to his patients along with the pilonidal treatment system itself

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