About Pilonidal Disease Treatment  Rhomboid Flap

A pilonidal cyst can be a very painful and uncomfortable condition, and the standard surgery associated with its removal can have an extended recovery time. However, Dr. Kamrava offers the pilonidal disease treatment rhomboid flap surgical technique, a cutting edge procedure that offers an effective remedy for pilonidal disease while ensuring the patients’ recovery is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Dr. Kamrava pulls from his extensive experience and knowledge base as a top-rated Rhomboid Flap Los Angeles surgeon to provide his patients with the best care possible. He is a fellowship-trained and board certified expert who has extensive experience treating pilonidal sinuses with the goal of minimizing complications and promoting a smooth recovery process.

Pilonidal Disease Treatment  Rhomboid Flap

Treatment for a pilonidal cyst will vary depending on the severity of the condition. For quick relief, the cyst can be drained by a physician, typically with a local anesthesia.  However, for more advanced cases, it is recommended that the minimally invasive rhomboid flap surgical technique be utilized.

The Benefits Of Pilonidal Disease Treatment  Rhomboid Flap

A pilonidal cyst can be a recurrent condition and surgery is typically required to remove the infected skin tissue and prevent the reoccurrence of its growth. Dr. Kamrava recommends the minimally invasive rhomboid flap surgical technique, which utilizes a specific excision technique to remove the infected tissue.  Once the infected tissue is removed, a healthy piece of skin is harvested from another part of the body, which is used to replace the removed, infected skin, and allows the wound to be closed.

The rhomboid flap surgical technique is a highly effective technique which drastically reduces the rates of reoccurrence of infection and allows the patient to return to their normal routine at a reduced time.  The rhomboid flap surgical technique is an outpatient procedure and patients are allowed to return home the same day of the surgery.

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