About Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

Pilonidal sinus is a disease that is typified by the chronic inflammation of the natal cleft. The reason pilonidal cysts develops is at this point unknown, however, it is speculated that a congenital malformation of the coccyx area that is associated with the development of ingrown hair may be the cause. The pain associated with a pilonidal sinus can range from mild irritation to very painful if left untreated. Our Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles specialist, Dr. Allen Kamrava, is a highly recognized expert in the treatment of pilonidal sinuses.

Dr. Kamrava has developed a highly efficacious method of treating pilonidal disease which, unlike antiquated methods, addresses the root cause of pilonidal disease. The Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles specialist utilizes a microsurgical laser treatment method to remove the sinus which has been demonstrated to be more effective than traditional methods of treating pilonidal sinuses. Furthermore, the Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles surgical technique is a very quick procedure. Typically, the entire procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Pilonidal Laser Treatment Microsurgical Incision

The microsurgical incisions associated with the Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles method are more accurate than previous methods, ensuring that the healthy tissue surrounding the cyst is not damaged. Thus, there is less cellular damage and a quicker recovery time associated with our Pilonidal Laser Treatment. Our Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles is an outpatient procedure; patients are released the same day of the surgery. We prescribe an effective mix of medication that ensures that minimal pain and discomfort is felt post-surgery.Our patients are typically able to return to their normal daily routines within a few weeks of the surgery.

Pilonidal Laser Treatment Specialist, Dr. Allen Kamrava:

Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

“Many of the patients that we treat are people who have had unsuccessful treatments by other doctors. That makes up a large contingency of our pilonidal laser treatment patients. The surgery that we offer utilizes a laser treatment that is less painful than traditional methods and ensures that healthy tissue is not harmed. Thus, the pain associated with our surgery is less and our patients are able to bet back to their normal lives pretty soon thereafter. ” – Dr. Kamrava

Dr. Allen Kamrava has over a decade of experience in the treatment of pilonidal disease. The doctor has become recognized as a top-performing specialist in his field and is eager to bring his services to the general public.

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